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UKWA Freestyle WindFest and Overall 2011 Results

Adam Sims at WIndFest 2011 – see Josh Willmot's full pic gallery here

Trevor Funnell has announced results for the Poole Windfest Event and the Overall 2011 Freestyle Tour. The full results will be up on the UKWA website – – in the next couple of days.


Poole Windfest Event Results Overall Tour Results

Pro Mens Fleet. Pro Mens Fleet

1st Max Rowe                                                            1st Adam Sims

2nd Andy Chambers                                                2nd Andy Chambers

3rd Adam Sims                                                            3rd Max Rowe

Ladies Fleet                                                                        Ladies Fleet

1st Chloe Goodyear                                                1st Chloe Goodyear

2nd Emily Hall                                                            2nd Emily Hall

3rd Julia Slack                                                            3rd Julia Slack

Amateur Fleet Amateur Fleet

1st Ollie Acton                                                            1st Nick Bentley

2nd Nick Bentley                                                            2nd Ollie Acton

3rd John Yeomans                                                3rd Richard Van Aken

Under 20’s Fleet Under 20’s Fleet

1st Alex Mitchell                                                            1st Alex Mitchell

2nd William White                                                2nd Sam Conroy

3rd Charles Wilson                                                3rd William White

Under 17’s Fleet Under 17’s Fleet

1st Nic Hibdige                                                            1st Oscar Carmichael

2nd Ollie Bradley baker                                                2nd Nik Hibdige

3rd Jamie Howard                                                3rd Ollie Bradley baker

Under 15’s Fleet Under 15’s Fleet

1st Ike Bradley Baker                                                1st Ike Bradley Baker

2nd Harry Davis                                                            2nd Harry Davis

3rd Finn Howard