Video: BSA Pre Season Training


New video from the weekend, thanks to rising star Sam Latham!

K15 Sam Latham @ OTC Weymouth winter slalom training from Sam Latham K15 on Vimeo.

The start of the competition calendar is quickly approaching and many sailors are getting serious about the pre season training now. Down in Weymouth over the weekend, Si Pettier showed the others exactly how to nail a start! Remember, Ross Williams will be joining the guys in Weymouth very soon for his pre-season training weekend.

Are you thinking of competing in the BSA or any other UKWA competitions this year? Have you started setting some on and off water goals to get you ready? Even sailing with a group and challenging each other could add that vital speed you’ll need to race to the front of the pack. If you’re looking for an active group of windsurfers to join, check out Project Windsurf UK and see what’s coming up in your area!