Video: Gollito Estredo back in action

The four-time world champion hits the water again for some off-season training…

Following an injury in Brazil late last year, Gollito Estredo was forced to take some time off from winter training. Would this put an end to his 2012 World Title plans before they had even begun? On top of this, current World Champion Steven van Broeckhoven then released a video (click here) of him training in South Africa and completely blew the minds of every freestyler worldwide.

Gollito has now replied with his own clip showing him training at home in Venezuela, and his World Title plans are firmly back on track! Nailing sick combo moves – Double Culos, Double Burners and Air Funnell into Burner, Estredo shows he still has what it takes to defeat van Broeckhoven. Who will be victorious at the PWA season opener in Austria?

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