Video: Ianovated Snow Test

As the snow falls many of us are thinking twice about heading onto the water, but not those with their hands warm inside the Ianovated suit!

Draycote Water 18th Jan 2013. Falling snow and -3°C.
Sadly the wind was not quite enough to get planing but the light wind play we had was still a good test for the Ianovated suits and its hand heating system.
The Ianovated suits kept all four of us and our hands completely comfortable. Being a fresh water venue we found that ice formed on all the kit too quickly for us to suggest that windsurfing inland in below 0°C is a practical proposition. On the sea however it would not only have been do-able it would have been enjoyable thanks to the suits.

Check out more about the Ianovated suit here on Boards or on the Ianovated site here. 

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