Video: John Skye’s Year – Part Two

John Skye is sharing the highlights of his year through video and here he presents the second and third parts, added on to the end of the initial video. For anyone that read his travel piece with Nayra in the Spring Summer issue of Boards this is a must watch!

“Just added the second Chapter of my video, including parts 2 and 3. Part 2 is from a trip we did last summer to the Savage Islands, which lies between Maderia and the Canaries. We did an 11km crossing between the big and the small islands. Part 3 is from the UK comps, starting with last years Tiree, then Rhosniegr and Brandon Bay this May. If you don’t want to see the Intro again you can skip to 2:48 and 3:46 and go straight to the new chapters. Next week, Monday 5th November, a new chapter: Canaries and Morocco.”

Skyeboy’s year 2012 from John Skye on Vimeo.