Video: Last Sail of 2012 with Mike Archer

Strong competitor on the amateur BWA scene, doubling as a judge at the occasional event too Mike Archer is definitely one to watch on the water as his new video from a windy and wavy New Year’s Eve at Pagham shows. 

“As it was quite windy and wavy between Christmas and new year, I was hoping to get down to Cornwall.  Sadly my van was not  co-operating.  I still managed some sailing on the south coast, having my best session of the year, on new years eve, at Pagham near Chichester. Not hard as I can nearly count the the number of wave sessions I’ve had on one hand, due to injury and work commitments!
Hear’s a short video of my new years eve session before my go pro packed up. Happy new year to every one.
New year resolution: more windsurfing!
Cheers to Jim at Puravida for the loan of the board and thanks to Turfdog, Chinook, Simmer and K4 harness mount s for their support.”

New Years Eve 2012 from michael Archer on Vimeo.

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