50 Knot Madness – Swift For The Podium?

Pozo has been windy, really windy, even by Pozo standards. Guys have been just about hanging onto 3.3s, whilst the girls that are venturing out are on their 3.0s. Not many are sailing, but those that have been are tearing it apart.

After a no wind event last year we have our fingers crossed these crazy winds will continue for the contest this year.

Robby Swift has been battling with injury over the past few years, taking him out of contention in Pozo. But now he looks like he is back, better than ever, and ready for a top finish at this year’s event. Swift has even landed his first ever pushie off the lip, in 50 knot winds. We’re definitely impressed.

Swift has been out training with friend and the current world champion, Marcilio Browne, who also looks to be very dangerous, even in his less favoured port tack conditions.

Check out both of the riders in the latest action from a VERY windy Pozo…

Swift lands his first ever pushloop off the lip in insane 50 knot winds in Pozo:

Brawzinho, before the wind got to 50 knots:

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