Brawzinho Had A Mini Bic!

Last year Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne made his childhood dreams come true by winning his first wave world title. This awesome video charts his life and successes, on the road to the title.

Guess where he started? On a mini bic of course! Just like any other kid windsurfing (especially in the 90s) Brawzinho started his days being taken on his board by his Dad and then stepped out on his own gear. It just goes to show we all start in the same place…

If you’re a kid or teenager getting into windsurfing, or already in love with it, take a look at Brawzi’s incredible journey and DREAM BIG.

If you want to progress your windsurfing and have an awesome weekend on the water with other check out all the info on the NWF Junior event here.

A incrível jornada de Brawzinho | Campeão mundial de Windsurf wave 2013 from Artur Miranda on Vimeo.