Brittany vs Hercules

There is still more great reader footage coming through from the incredible Hercules storm. This video is from Philippe Mesmeur, filmed in Brittany, France throughout December.

Philippe Mesmeur VS Hercule Storm’s 2014 😉 from Philippe Mesmeur on Vimeo.

My latest video Waveriding to Dossen (Brittany, France ) . The month of December, we received multiple depressions that are passed on France , and especially throughout the West side. This is the storm, named Hercules was the strongest. This video sums it all in pictures .

A big thank you to my parents and Fanny Aubet which allowed me to collect a maximum of images in order to achieve this 5 minute clip.

This is an opportunity to put forward my longstanding partners Side Shore ( Store in Brest) and Mystic, but also three new : Point -7 , F2 and ClipHarnessLine .

Material information :

Board: F2 Rave 70L ,

Sails: Point -7 Salt (Blue 4 slats ) and Swag (Yellow 3 strips )

SUP : F -ONE ( Madeiro 7.7 ” * 27 / 87L ) and NAISH ( Hokua 8.3 ” / 90L )

Combination Mystic 5/4/3 ( Majestic front- zip) and Harness Mystic Majestic

Tips Harness: ClipHarnessLine 30cm,

GoProHero3 BlackEdition ,

Panasonic HDC- SD700 .

Video completion by myself.


– Philippe Mesmeur ( Facebook and Twitter)

– Side – Shore (Water Shop)

100 rue Gulls

29200 – Brest


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