Is this Paradise? A video with Brawzinho and friends.

Brawzinho and friends find windsurf paradise in the Marshall Islands… 

Some of the world’s best windsurfers travel to what could be the most stunning of all the tropical islands, on an epic forecast. What more could you want from a windsurfing video?

Sit back and enjoy Brawzinho, Keith Teboul, Bernd Roediger and Kevin Pritchard absolutely shredding the most beautiful of waves. Watch out for Brawzinho, he is absolutely on fire throughout, and takes some big almighty crashes too (especially at 3mins 21secs!), plus some very in your face action and KP showing he’s still got all the moves with some full power gouging turns.

Marshall Island Windsurfing Exploration from Kevin Pritchard on Vimeo.

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