Swifty and Ross Williams score in Kona winds

Robby Swift and Ross Williams make the most of strong winds and a huge swell on Maui…

Winter time on Maui often spells the arrival of the Kona winds. Blowing from the left, the wind signals a change in tack for all the locals and Maui regulars. Last week the arrival of the Kona coincided with a huge swell arriving on Maui’s North Shore, courtesy of a large storm system out in the Pacific.

Ross Williams boosting an aerial. Pic: Jamin Jones

Ross Williams, fresh from training in South Africa, and Maui regular Robby Swift were there to join ex-world champions Jason Polakow and Kevin Pritchard as they tucked into some big sets. Also there were EpicSessions, and luckily for us all, they documented the action. Check it out…

Thanks to Jamin Jones for the awesome shots of Robby Swift and Ross Williams sailing. You can see some more excellent shots of the day over at his blog.