Thurso Perfection

Timo Mullen, Jamie Hancock and Ross Williams explore perfection in Thurso, Scotland…

Thurso from jamie hancock on Vimeo.

During the British winter we travelled up to North East Scotland in pursuit of perfection. I’d always heard about how great Thurso is but had never been, probably with it being the furthest place I could drive to from my front door.

I travelled with Timo, Ross and JC and arriving at 5am, after the 13 hour drive, we pulled over and got 3 hours kip before a full day on the water. I was taking it a bit easy still after breaking my leg late in the summer so cut my sessions short and got behind the camera.

The clip is from a few cold sessions during the trip.

Filmed: Jamie Hancock

Location: Thurso, Scotland

Date: November 2013

Artist: Archie Bronson Outfit

Track: ‘Cherry Lips’

Edited: Jamie Hancock

Sponsors: Vandal, Tabou, Body Glove, Finisterre

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