Timo scores Donegal

Timo Mullen scores some great summertime waves in NW Donegal, after a summer of great surf and sunshine in Ireland it was a relief to see some much needed wind and waves. Normally the reefs are firing on this size swell but the way the tides were on this day made the hollow beachbreaks the place to be. Timo was out on his new 2011 Starboard Quad IQ 82 set up as a quad and on his new 2011 Severne 5.3m Blade. Loads out enjoying the conditions.

Timo: “This was easily the best day of the summer in Ireland, i sailed four days in a row, cross off perfection every day! We made the most of the weather by camping out, the West Aussies would have loved it! Really stoked with the new 82 IQ Quad, i can simply point the board where i want it to go and everything else just happens, point and shoot windsurfing, the board is just so easy to sail!”

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