umi’s Peru with Kauli Seadi – Part Two

Check out the second part of a Peru trip umi Pictures undertook with Kauli Seadi in July 2010, this time sampling ‘the world’s longest wave’ at Pacasmayo.

Kauli Seadi: “At about a day’s drive of Lobitos lies Pacasmayo. Pacasmayo is a small coastal town, based on a cement works and a small fishing port. The waves there are fast, powerful and very long. They can get really big as well, but that only seems to happen a couple times a year. But the length is amazing… the wave doesn’t really run to shore, it just seems to run forever. We didn’t make an exact measurement of Pacasmayo’s length, but think about this for a second: the wave peels perfectly for more than 1500m. Maybe 2 kilometers if you can get a big swell all the way to the pier. To me it’s just the dream wave. From point-to-pier takes almost 3 minutes. Compare that to thirty six second rides at your local beach break and I know what I am going to go for! This also means fitness is more important than skill here. After just one ride your legs will explode… see for yourself in the clip!”

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