Windiest Day Ever in Lanzarote

Here at Boards, we have just received another great reader’s video, this time from Lanzarote over the Christmas period. It has come over from Mark Dowson, who has also shared the news that the blocking of access to beaches in Gran Canaria, is going on down in Lanzarote too. Let’s hope that access to all of the great windsurfing beaches of Europe and farther afield isn’t stopped, or we’ll have nowhere left to sail!

More from Mark:

“The video shows Jameos, Costa Teguise and just below the airport. It was the windiest I can remember sailing Costa in 20 years – it doesn’t look it on the video.

“The authorities have gone a bit strange over beach access here too. Some Jameos locals can be seen wheeling their kit down to the beach last year, whilst others risk parking. Some sailors have received large fines through the post.”

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