World Class Waves… In Yorkshire

If anyone thought Yorkshire doesn’t provide world class windsurfing conditions, this video will certainly prove them wrong…

Yorkshire Pudding from Tam Mullen on Vimeo.

“When North and North West winds hit the UK it normally means onshore conditions in Cornwall and offshore on the South Coast. However if the Isobars stack up along the East Coast then these strong North Winds can quickly churn up the North Sea pushing swell all the way down the East Coast from Bamburgh in the north to as far south as Kent.
The coastline of Yorkshire is well known in surfing circles for having possibly the best quality waves in the UK, the only problem being the consistency of the conditions. For windsurfing almost the same rules apply, it isn’t epic all the time but when it is on the conditions are as good as any of the more famous breaks in the UK.
Timo often makes the 5hr drive from his south coast home in England when these sort of conditions light up, this time he took his injured travel buddy and PWA top 10 sailor Jamie Hancock along for the ride and to capture the action. Footage is from Filey and Fraisthorpe. Conditions were side/side offshore at both locations, Timo was using a 4.2m Severne Blade and a Starboard Koster Kode 77 and a Quad 74.”

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