Second week of Jem Hall wave clinics in Moulay

After a wind and wave fuelled clinic in 2010 and due to popular demand, Jem Hall has opened a second week for his wave clinics in Moulay for 2011.

Jem Hall

Jem’s Moulay Wave clinic will get you jumping better, riding the right wave in the right way as your turns receive the full tune-up. For the more adventurous, Jem will cover forward, backward AND push-loops, advanced wave riding skills such as better bottom and top turns, smacking lips and aerials, and wave theory such as wave selection and positioning. This clinic will push your wavesailing to new levels.

Week one sold out in just over a week so if you want to be coached in the ultimate wavesailing location by the ultimate wavesailing coach, please contact or phone +44 (0)1243 374615

More information on the Oceansource website, here:

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