Wet N Dry Have It Covered

How do fancy getting your grubby mitts on some new toys?

With a massive choice of new (and used) windsurfing kit, Wet N Dry Boardsports reckon they can find you just the right bit of gear to keep you content up until Christmas.

Some great second hand offers include a cracking Naish Boxer 5.4 that could be yours for 60 of your hard earned pounds or a mint condition 2010 Goya FXR 6.4 for a measly 185 smackers.

Perhaps it’s spanking new kit that you’re in the market for? In which case the Wet N Dry guys have plenty to choose from with spangly new 2013 Serverne and NeilPryde sails having just landed.

Jack Frost is nipping at our noses and maybe your thoughts are turning towards white fluffy stuff and running for the hills – in which case check out the awesome deals on snowboard gear to get you in the mood for shredding  pow!

Whatever your preference of sliding sideways Wet N Dry will have it covered.

Hit up their website for more…

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