Windsurfing To Help Disengaged Youth

Here at Boards we always love to hear when someone uses windsurfing in a positive way, and Surfity have just started doing exactly that. Surfity are a non-profit organisation set up to help disengaged youth through watersports, YOU can get involved and help too. 

“Young adults use drugs as a way of letting off steam, winning popularity and impressing their peer. Users typically turn to drugs simply because they’re bored. Taking drugs at this important stage in their development has an extremely damaging impact on young people’s lives and on the range of opportunities open to them later in life.

“Surfity is committed to reducing the number of British youths turning to drugs by giving them an escape route from boredom. Instead of dead ends and short-term fixes, we offer the adrenaline rush of sports like windsurfing, kite surfing and sailing. Participants in the Surfity programme will also benefit from the knowledge and experience of their peers — likeminded people committed to helping keep them off drugs and on the right track.

By making adrenaline sports more accessible, we aim to offer underprivileged youths a credible alternative to drugs.

Surfity offers access to equipment and coaching, giving participants the chance to learn and try a range of thrilling, fulfilling sports. We recruit coaches from local centres of excellence and provide participants with equipment donated by members of the public.

We are dedicated to helping British youth find alternative means of excitement and fulfilment in their lives.

Surfity offers UK Youth:

A way of keeping fit and feeling good

A chance to let off steam and beat boredom

Something to believe in and look forward to

Engagement with likeminded people

Check out more about Surfity online here.

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