Windwise Oz Update

Simon Bornhoft and his Windwise Clinics (Oz) have been going off. He just posted this update via Facebook.


We’re now well into our WA Windwise Skills & Drills courses here in Perth. I’m always grateful for the wonderful welcome and being able to coach and meet so many keen and dedicated windsurfers who revel in the excellent conditions in and around this beautiful and windy city!

We started in Safety Bay with 3 days of blasting until we couldn’t hold on any longer – sailing pretty m

uch all day every day! With a mix of skills and planing conditions, everyone sailed really well nd learnt a lot. We then moved into the Swan River for our Melville Waters course, where we had the some early morning Easterly winds and lighter afternoon winds for skills & drills.
We spent nearly 5 hours on the water each day working through fast tacks, gybes, duck gybes and a whole range of key skills that make all the difference. There were even some swithced stance duck gybes going on!So I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who’s joined the courses so far, we certainly covered a lot skills and made the most of the conditions and I look forward to seeing you again soon.In fact, some of you are coming up to Lancelin for the next leg of our WA Tour!

More on that later….in the meantime, sheet in, look, lean and lever that rig through those corners!

Setting it up
Duck that rig!
It's all too much!
Team Windwise
Get set...
Gybe talkin'

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