Your New Hero

Have you heard of Masthero? If not, you should have! Masthero is the latest product that will help you film yourself and produce images that will be the envy of all of your mates:

Katerina Savanchuk, captured by Masthero

“Masthero is high quality technical windsurf mast mount for action cams. It is designed to make pictures and videos from a bird’s-eye view.

It is lightweight design (only 35g) and positioning keeps photos and video free from obstruction, without interfering the ride.

Mount is made of very tough and springy Nylon-12, the mount securely envelops your mast while avoiding point-loads so dangerous to carbon fiber.

The mount offers 3 mounting options for your action cam: one on either side and one in front. Side mounts are angled to point directly at your sailing position

Masthero fits to almost any action cam – GoPro, Rollei, Actionpro, Ironxcam, Isaw or any camera adapted to fit the GoPro mounting system. Some times you have to use GoPro Mount Adapter to be able to mount Drift, Contour, iON, Sony Action Cam or any action camera compatible with a 1/4″ tripod screw.

2-year guarantee warranty – worldwide. Benefits: price, preformance, simple to install.”

Find out more about Masthero on their website here. 

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