Zara Davis fits Sonntag Fins

Joerg Sonntag and Zara

Sonntag is a new fin manufacturer on the windsurfing market. Speedsailors Pete and Zara Davis met the owner and chief designer Joerg Sonntag and his wife Alexandra at a recent Belgian Speed week in Gruissan and were very impressed by their level of professionalism and understanding of fin technology. Zara was particularly interested in the ability Joerg has to customise the Sonntag fin flex and twist to accommodate the individual rider. This is unique in the fin world, as usually fins are developed by heavy powerful male team riders and not for lighter weight riders.

Basically, give Sonntag your height, weight and the boards you use and he recommends a size stiffness flex % etc of the fin – FANTASTIC! Also of great interest is the GPS 2 fin specifically designed for speedsailing. This fin has a very narrow width and negative center profile which should reduce drag at higher speeds. Zara says: “I can’t wait to try it at West Kirby.”

Sonntag's SL-S

A few words from Joerg Sonntag: “We focus on high performance / competition fins in custom technology. We try to stay at size where we still can produce products adopted to specific customer needs. We use highest quality materials available on the market to create fins that work for you”

There are 3 fin ranges currently SL-S, SL-P and the GPS 2 with more coming in August.

If you want to know more please email Joerg directly on or visit the website at