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MORE ABOUT boards windsurfing MAGAZINE:

Boards Windsurfing Magazine is recognised worldwide as the leading edge of windsurfing magazines since launching in December 1982. Throughout this time the Windsurfing world has evolved beyond recognition yet the Boards Magazine ethos has remained the same – to showcase the sport we love at it’s best.

In it’s current form, Boards Windsurfing Magazine is a high quality 180 page bi-annual publication. The magazine is designed first and foremost to inspire and inform, featuring imagery from the worlds top photographers and editorial from the best journalists in windsurfing. In annual format, the content is focused on longer, higher quality articles brought to life with full page imagery.

Spring/Summer Annual of Boards Magazine
Focuses on the flat-water side of windsurfing, covering freeride, slalom, speed and freestyle.

Autumn/Winter Annual of Boards Magazine
Attention on the wave and freewave elements of the sport. Both editions appeal to all types of windsurfer.

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