3 Light Wind Moves That Will Improve Your Planing Windsurfing

Sail 360

What Is It? Rotating the rig 360 degrees.

Why Do It? Hand movement and vision for end of gybes and duck gybing.

Level? Beginner to advanced.

Quick Tips

On a broad reach, shift the clew hand well down the boom, pulling in and down with both arms.

Anticipate the rig pulling downwind, by keeping the shoulders back and weighting the heels.




Move the rig forward and release the mast hand, immediately replacing the clew hand. Crucially, allow the mast to drop to leeward, throwing your spare hand behind you to counterbalance.











Once balanced, yank the clew over your shoulder and swiftly get both hands onto the new side, actively pulling down on the boom. (If duck gybing, look through the turn and lever the rig the opposite way to steer out of the gybe). Alternatively, rotate the rig to practice a regular gybe ending.