6 Steps To Learn The Slingshot

The slingshot is a taking the speedsailing world by storm, whilst some die hard speed sailors may steer clear of this technique many, many more are using it to add more than a couple of knots to their top speeds. 

Jim Crossley joins Boards to guide you through this speed increasing move…

Much of the talk in speedsailing is about equipment and the way you handle it. While this is important, probably the best way to increase your speed is to understand the ‘slingshot’.

By getting this technique mastered you will add knots to your speed; you can worry about the fractions of knots from the other things later.

Although here I’m demonstrating in near perfect speed conditions, it works just the same on your local lake or harbour. The angles and the timing of a speed run can make all the difference with the modern format of the 10 second average.

Speedsailing is no longer all about the 100 kg hulk holding down a 6.0m sail in 45knots!

Full speed!

So what is the slingshot and how does it work?

It’s all about acceleration and apparent wind….

Click through the 6 points on how to slingshot below:



Your 10 seconds start now!


The gust!

It’s over

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