Ant Baker – The Beginner Tack

Professional windsurfer, 2011 BSA Champion and now professional coach, Ant Baker will be passing on his secrets and knowledge, exclusively to Boards readers, by providing a technique mini-series on freeride skills. This week is back to basics with the Beginner Tack.

Who is Ant

Name: Ant Baker
Years Windsurfing: 28
Profession: Professional windsurfer and Watersports coach
Years Coaching: 3 years in watersports and 8 in Martial Arts
Number of PWA events competed in: Lots, I competed in Course, Slalom, Waves and freestyle back in the day
Best ever result: Top 5 at the Namotu PWA wave competition
Favourite moves: One handed backloop
Favourite kit setup: love my new Fanatic Falcons with my North Warp12′s but im gonna have to say my 5.0 North Duke with a 94L Fanatic Quad

Beginner Tack

Back to basics today with a basic beginner tack which will help you all the way to the short board tack, here we take you through the 3 stages.

Height, balance and posture is the most important part of each technique we will go through together. So lets nail it straight away and keep ourselves tall, arms straight and bum tucked in, what we dont want to see is the polynesian crapping position

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