The Body Drag

Phil and Danielle from GetWindsurfing, take their freestyle back to basics looking at one of the fundamental moves: The Body Drag. 

How To With GetWindsurfing

  1. GetWindsurfing - Vulcan & Spock
  2. GetWindsurfing - The Forward Loop
  3. GetWindsurfing - Clew First Spock
  4. The Duck Gybe
  5. The Body Drag
  6. Beach and Waterstart 101
  7. Sort Your Stance
  8. Into The Footstraps
  9. The Downwind 360
  10. How To Sail Switch Stance
  11. How To E-Slider
  12. Apparent Wind Explained
  13. How To Duck
  14. How To Duck Tack
 This was the first freestyle move I learnt! The Body Drag is one of my favourite moves to do and it is a lot of fun.
If you can plane with control in your footstraps you should definitely give the Body Drag a try.
Follow the tips on the video and have fun.

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