GetWindsurfing – The Forward Loop

Phil and Danielle from introduce their angle on how to crack the forward loop…

How To With GetWindsurfing

  1. GetWindsurfing - Vulcan & Spock
  2. GetWindsurfing - The Forward Loop
  3. GetWindsurfing - Clew First Spock
  4. The Duck Gybe
  5. The Body Drag
  6. Beach and Waterstart 101
  7. Sort Your Stance
  8. Into The Footstraps
  9. The Downwind 360
  10. How To Sail Switch Stance
  11. How To E-Slider
  12. Apparent Wind Explained
  13. How To Duck
  14. How To Duck Tack
The forward loop is a great move to learn, you can do it in a variety of different conditions and on a variety of different kit.

To be prepared to go for the forward loop you will need to be able to jump the board consistently and the commitment to really try 110%. It’s always a crowd pleaser and will give you forward loop hero status with your windsurf buddys.

Here is the GetWindsurfing simple guide to the forward loop. for more

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