One Handed Top Turn: Video

Jem Hall continues his series ‘The Moves That Matter’ with a further look at the one handed top turn.

I hope by now you are getting into my new technique series, please remember you can give feedback and ask question on the Boards forum on The Moves that Matter thread. However, please note that my 2012 clinics have now kicked off in style so I am in Moulay, Morocco from May 8th to 25th, so will not be able to attend too much in the next few weeks but will do on my return.

In the mean time building on the simple tips that I presented last month on the One Handed Top Turn  I would now like to present a video in order for you to see and understand how to best put these tips into action. This will also mean your riding brings in some freedom, style and as always, really matters ..

Next up , I will look at the more fundamental areas of tacks and gybes, as we move in to summer.

Thanks for reading and watching and please do forward this, and my other articles on to your peers and sailing buddies and post online to social media sites.

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