How To Wavesail Like Jaeger Stone – 8 Tips From The Man Himself

Onshore waveriding

When waveriding in onshore conditions, having really good sail control and knowing when and where to slide your hands on the boom help get the most out of your turns. When bottom turning, like wavesailing in sideshore conditions, you want to slide your back hand as far back as possible.

As you come out of your bottom turn and start transitioning into your top turn, you want to slide your back hand forwards towards your harness lines and really open up your clew so that you don’t get back-winded. Learning how to time the opening up of your clew as you come up the wave face will help you approach the lip more vertically and keep your speed throughout the top turn.

Onshore riding at it’s best. Jaeger Stone. Image credit Simon Crowther.

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