The Duck Gybe

Phil and Danielle from GetWindsurfing, take their freestyle back to basics looking at one of the fundamental moves: The Duck Gybe.

How To With GetWindsurfing

  1. GetWindsurfing - Vulcan & Spock
  2. GetWindsurfing - The Forward Loop
  3. GetWindsurfing - Clew First Spock
  4. The Duck Gybe
  5. The Body Drag
  6. Beach and Waterstart 101
  7. Sort Your Stance
  8. Into The Footstraps
  9. The Downwind 360
  10. How To Sail Switch Stance
  11. How To E-Slider
  12. Apparent Wind Explained
  13. How To Duck
  14. How To Duck Tack
 The Duck Gybe is one of those move that looks more tricky then it actually is. Many windsurfers often find Duck Gybing easier to do then your standard step gybe once they have learnt how.
One of the key parts to Duck Gybing is making sure you take the time to prepare for the move BEFORE you begin to carve the board.

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