The Waterstart – A Real Game Changer

RIG ELEVATION ‘Slide & Guide’



Point the nose roughly into the wind so that mast is at 90 degrees to the wind. Hold the mast approximately one and to two metres above the boom with out stretched arm(s) Swim hard to windward as you try to free and ‘slide’ the mast clear of the water.

Never try to lift the mast straight up, this sends you down! The secret is to give the mast a bit of a shake, then ‘slide’ the mast horizontally’. Your front arm sweeps from a downwind position to an upwind position in one positive movement.

‘Lift’ or push the mast up too soon and down it goes or you risks catching the clew, ruining all your hard work.

If the mast wont release, check that you haven’t drifted off line and that wind is still 90 degrees to the mast.

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