Top 5 Down-The-Line Tips: Equipment

Down-the-line wavesailing, perhaps the pinnacle of windsurfing enjoyment, yet for a first timer it can certainly be a little daunting knowing what kit you need, what you have to do, where you should sail and what rules you need to know. Well, we’ve got it covered here on Boards.

Joined by the ever so friendly UK pro Chris ‘Muzza’ Murray, we get him to share his top tips for rookies to down-the-line!

Fin set-up

For me it is more about number of fins instead of exact sizes. I prefer to use the twin fin set-up on the Kode because it is fast and a still quite loose for slashy turns. The quad can also be great in bigger waves to make you feel more confident in the bottom turn because of the massive amount of grip you get.

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