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Monk’s Hill, Hampshire

Monks Hill is another great Solent Water sailing spot between Hill Head and Lee-on-Solent. There is a very good group of sailors there with a friendly atmosphere and everyone helps each other out, has fun on the water and gets out whenever it is windy. It’s an easy place to sail with more of a bump than a wave, good sea breezes and wind funneling effects.

Beach Faces:


Best Wind Direction:

South, South-west, South-east

Best Wind Direction For Waves:

South, South-west, South-east on mid to low tide where you can get some nice ramps to jump off. No real riding waves though.

Not Good:

North, North-west


The tide is best at mid to low, as high tide can be choppy.

What’s On The Bottom:

A mixture of stones, sand and even mud in places but mostly stones.

Any Hazards:

None really, some groynes to keep away from and some rocks to the left in really low tides.

Other Water Users:

There are a few jet skies.

Suitability / Levels:

Beginners to advanced. It is calm enough to teach, and good for every level depending on the wind strength.

Wipeout Factor:

None really unless it is high tide and a Force 8 when there can be a nasty shore break.


None but Andy Biggs can organize some from the shop in Gosport.

Kit Hire:

Demo kit available through Andy Biggs windsurfing.

Friendly Factor:

Very friendly, lots of locals happy to help and lend a hand to any one.

No Wind Alternatives:

Very friendly, lots of locals happy to help and lend a hand to any one.



Yes, on site.


Yes, but a cold, outside one.

Windsurfing Shop

Andy Biggs windsurfing 2 minutes away Tel. 02392 582614


The awesome Shack restaurant on the beach.


Free all year round and lots of spaces. There are often a lot of sun bathers in summer. All the more to look at if there is no wind.


Pub close by: Osbourne View.


Local bed and breakfast on beach side just along from car park at Lee on Solent.

Local Hotshots:

Chris Murray, current 2005 Freestyle Champion.


Always someone down there windsurfing if it is windy so it is very safe and sociable place.

How To Get There:

Get on the M27 and take junction 9 from the west, 11 from the east. Head towards Lee-on-Solent or Stubbington. Follow the signposts to Hill Head, go past till you see a sign for The Shack and go in to that car park. You are now at Monks Hill.

Report By:

Chris ‘Muzza’ Murray. Chris is sponsored by YES Sails, Chinook and AHD.

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