For ’08 the smaller Supercross and larger Super Sport ranges have been amalgamated under the Super Sport name. They claim to incorporate the “design features of the slalom boards into a user-friendly package" to deliver, “the ideal choice for drag racing and blasting past other riders on the water." The shapes have changed quite a bit, featuring lower volume to width ratios and a more continuous curve, slalom style rocker line for higher top speed.

Type: Advanced sailor’s performance freeride.

On the water:

The tail is relatively wide and features small cut-outs for added speed. Otherwise the board is quite small, being one of the shortest with quite a narrow nose. The JP is clearly all about quick acceleration and speed in well powered conditions. Due to a slightly less flat (more slalom) rocker line it needs a little more wind to get going than the majority on test, but once going it really flies to top speed and is actually one of the fastest. But the real joy of the board is its comfort and excitement when blasting well powered up, whether on flat water or out in the swell. It feels very small, compact, controllable, light, lively – and fast! There is a slight trade-off though; it’s not quite as easy a ride as conventional freerides. Due to the tail shape and cut-outs the board doesn’t footsteer that predictably and doesn’t always track cleanly when bearing away or carving into gybes. It will gybe very quickly when mastered but requires good technique and doesn’t respond predictably when cranked really hard. It also requires decent technique to get going or take upwind if the winds are a bit marginal, and can feel a bit flighty if the winds are strong. Its wind range is good but it isn’t really a board that likes to have too much sail up, so a 7.5m would probably be a best maximum and – although slalom racers will doggedly hang on in strong winds – it responds better to an early change-down. Nicely to well powered 6.5 – 7.5m is really its niche.


The straps, pads and deck comfort is excellent. The fin seems quite stiff and unforgiving but quick and its size suits the board well.


Unsurprisingly it was a board that split opinion. The less advanced and even many expert sailors preferred one of the more conventional boards for just going for a blast on due mainly to the easier gybing. However, when straight lining nicely powered up it was the board that most of us would most like to be on, and it was certainly in hot demand for any slalom or drag racing. One of our more expert guesters felt it was the board he was most likely to buy due to that “very exciting ride" – he didn’t see the technical difficulties as an obstacle... A lovely board for fast moderate to medium wind blasting in any water conditions.