RRD Freestyle Wave 115 (Limited) (above):

The Freestyle Wave series has to be RRD’s most successful range ever. As a result it’s enjoyed continuous expansion, and there are now no less than 10 models in the line-up, ranging from 75 to 120L in 5L increments. The 115 is the second largest, and available in Limited or X-Tech construction. The emphasis of the range is ease of use and versatility, with the shapes refined for a shorter, more compact feel. The outline of the 115 is quite rounded, with a narrowed nose and tail hinting at the style of sailing for which it is designed. The bottom shape comprises vee throughout, and combines with a double concave in the mid-section to help increase acceleration. Dressed in burgundy, the finish is excellent (as we have come to expect from RRD), with a polished hull, double density deckpads, DaKine straps and MFC G10 fin.

For obvious reasons a 115L board is never going to be a freestyle or wave maestro, so the name could be somewhat misleading. However, it is true to say that the board is designed for more than just pure straight-lining. Stable at rest, it can carry a 7.5m sail easily and cruises up onto the plane without any real input required, both front strap positions being relatively inboard and easy to locate. Gaining speed steadily it releases well, the 34cm fin supplied providing enough traction to push against, although it isn’t really one to be loaded, preferring a more upright stance and casual sailing style. In choppy coastal conditions it copes excellently. The deckpads take the harshness of any feedback, while the more upright sailing style allows the 115 to be manoeuvred smoothly through confused seas. And it is in these conditions that the board’s character shines through – it simply loves to be put on its rail and carved, making it a great contender for those either looking to improve their transitions, or even perhaps extend their repertoire into the realms of old-school freestyle such as monkey gybes and push-tacks. It has an easy and enjoyable nature, great for cruising in any environment and getting inspired to try new carving transitions.

+Effortless pluggable nature

+Carving ease.

-Not for the speed / blasting enthusiast.

While the 115 isn’t in itself specifically a freestyle / wave weapon, it offers a fun, easy and practical platform to progress quickly into such an arena.