Developed simultaneously alongside Fanatic’s slalom board, the Ray is dubbed as the fastest freerace board they have ever produced. “The four Rays have exactly the same volumes as the new Falcon Slaloms, but slightly narrower centres and tails, with fuller rails for control, comfort and excellent gybing". The 110 is the second smallest in the range and is available in wood sandwich construction only.

Design: It is compact and fairly chunky. It has a little bit of tail rocker (2.5mm), a moderate planing flat, and quite a lot of vee – the largest amount on test. The tail and nose widths are standard for this type of board

On the water: This is an extremely easy board to sail fast! It is very comfortable, even when well powered giving the sailor more confidence to really push themselves and the board to their limits. It also remains controllable and forgiving in the gybes. It has a nice dome to the rails, giving it a slalom type feel.

Fittings: It comes with a 37cm G10 Tuttle box fin, which works very well. There are a variety of strap positions although all are quite outboard and therefore not suitable for intermediates. The straps were very comfortable as were the pads.

Overall: It is one of the best boards for powered up blasting and could certainly take a bigger fin to increase its performance in marginal conditions. It was so easy to sail fast – both in straight lines and round the corners – that it was popular with all of the guesters and testers. We would recommend it to any advanced / expert sailors that wanted to go as fast as possible with the assurance that it would forgive them if they did make any mistakes.