Billed as slalom-orientated bullets with great planing and manoeuvre orientated characteristics, the Super Sports are designed to take advanced riders’ speed records to the next level. The boards have been tweaked for 2009 and the range consists of six sizes, with the 109 / 65 being the third smallest. The full range is available in two different types of construction with the 69 / 118 and 74 / 127 also being built in a lighter Gold Edition.

Design: It is fairly compact, although slightly longer than a few of the other boards. It has no tail rocker and considerably less vee than the other freerace on test. It has a moderate planing flat with the 2cm point at 149cm, which is very similar to the other freerace. It also features tail cut-outs.

On the water: This was probably the liveliest board on test. It doesn’t just feel fast, it is fast! It feels quite small for its size and therefore quite exciting to sail when powered up. The advanced lightweight and middleweight sailors really enjoyed its early planing ability, but it did require a lot of input from the sailor to get the most out of it in marginal conditions. Once well powered it remained quite a technical board to sail, which the advanced sailors really liked. Intermediates, however, will find it less forgiving than other boards and much more of a challenge to sail at top speed.

Fittings: It comes with a 37cm G10 Powerbox fin, which is fairly upright and reasonably stiff. It has a variety of strap positions. Using the inboard settings the deck feels a little flat, more advanced sailors will prefer to put the straps outboard and sail the board from the rail. The straps and pads were both very comfortable.

Overall: While requiring a fair amount of input from the sailor to make the most of, it’s a very fast and enjoyable board to use. The technical nature of the board would make it exciting to blast along on whilst out on your own, and the excellent top speed will mean that you will easily outpace your mates. We would recommend it to advanced / experts that want a fast and fun board that won’t bore them.