Exocet claim the Warp to have blistering speed combined with comfort, which remains even in the roughest situations. The 66 is the third largest of a six board line-up, incorporating features such as the triple level ergonomic power pads and double density shock absorbers, purportedly giving the rider a better connection to the board to allow additional grip and more control.

Design: It has a very wide tail, a very wide nose and is quite short at 242cm, which in comparison with the other boards makes it look like it has been flattened by a steam roller. It has a tiny bit of tail rocker (2mm), not much vee and a longish planing flat with the 2cm point at 155.

On the water: With its minimal vee and plenty of width it gets up and going very early and is extremely comfortable at speed, giving the rider the confidence to push it as hard as they could. While not quite as lively as some of the others it’s incredibly easy to sail and goes upwind better than anything else in this test. Some of the lighter sailors found it a little bit too big for their weight when well powered compared to other boards in this test; it really comes into its own with larger sailors and bigger rigs thanks to that excellent volume distribution. In marginal conditions it performed extremely well, getting going before anything else and continuing to plane through the lulls; both race-winning advantages. When powered it was still very comfortable at speed and remained easy to gybe.

Fittings: Supplied with a 40cm deep Tuttle box fin, which is fairly thin, upright and quite stiff. The deckpads were very comfortable and the straps were OK. The straps were a little loose on the foot being 16cm wide between the inserts.

Overall: A really enjoyable board to sail at speed with ease. Always controllable, it planes early and doesn’t stop until you want it to. We would recommend it to advanced / experts as a fun flat water blasting board or for racing at any level.