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A few weeks ago we posted a feature about the top 14 people to follow on Instagram, now (due to the massive success/emails asking why XYX weren't included) we're back with another 'best of Instagram'.

This time with PWA Turkmenistan and Pozo just around the corner we're taking a look at some of the best grammers that will also be taking on these PWA events, we know we haven't got everyone...

Look who we've found on instagram... image credit Gunfire images.

[part title="Kurosh Kiani - @imthekman"][splitpost intro="true" order="true"]

Kurosh Kiani - @imthekman

Kurosh is on the way to Turkmenistan, and you can follow every leg of his journey on Instagram. Kurosh is a regular video poster too, so you'll get even more than the usual pics.


[part title="Antoine Albeau - @antoinealbeau"]

Antoine Albeau - @antoinealbeau

"21 x Windsurfing World Champion, Windsurfing Speed World Record 52.05kts" - we think that says it all. Antoine is the man for flat out speed and incase you need more convincing to follow him on Instagram he also loves a comedy shot.


[part title="Taty Frans - @TATY_FRANS"]

Taty Frans - @TATY_FRANS

From freestyle to slalom, haircuts to snacks, Taty shares everything on his Instagram feed. We're looking forward to catching some great behind the scenes shots from Taty in Turkmenistan!


[part title="Chris Murray - @muzzak202"]

Chris Murray - @muzzak202

The Muzz is also over in Turkmenistan (we don't think he's competing... although you never know!). Muzza is already posting some fairly amusing shots from this new PWA stop.


[part title="#pwaworldtour and @AWAZA2014"]

#pwaworldtour and @AWAZA2014

The official Awaza PWA instagram channel for all the latest from the new stop on the PWA tour, Turkmenistan. Plus, the best hashtag to use to follow all the PWA news from Turkmenistan and all PWA events is #pwaworldtour - not just on instagram, but on twitter, facebook and more.


[part title="Robby Swift - @ROBBYSWIFT"]

Robby Swift - @ROBBYSWIFT

Moving onto wavesailing now, the Instagram feed of Robby Swift if full of big waves, big crashes and lots of laughs (check out the old school video!). Swift has shown year on year he is a threat to the very top, especially in Pozo, but injury has recently prevented him reaching his full potential. This year he's in one piece and has already landed in GC. Watch this space!


[part title="Graham Ezzy - @grahamezzy"]

Graham Ezzy - @grahamezzy

Making his comeback onto the PWA tour, many are intrigued to see how Graham will perform. One thing's for sure: Graham is taking the tour seriously. Despite calling Maui home he has spent winter travelling and training port tack in Cape Town. On Ezzy's Instagram you won't just get incredible shots, but a story/point of view/words of wisdom behind the photo as well. Watch our for a sneaky shot of Prince Charles too!


[part title="Jaeger Stone - @jaegerstone120"]

Jaeger Stone - @jaegerstone120

Another comeback 'kid' onto the PWA this year there may not have been that much about Jaeger Stone in the press of late (as finishing his degree in physiotherapy took over from windsurfing), but Jaeger is definitely back. He is ripping and ready to take on the tour. Having just arrived in Gran Canaria we're excited to check out some more sailing action from Jaeger and more in the next episode of Proffitt's Training Diaries.


[part title="Ricardo Campello - @RCAMPELLO"]

Ricardo Campello - @RCAMPELLO

After moving from JP Australia/NeilPryde to Patrik and Point7, Ricardo is looking ready for another year on tour. The former freestyle world champion is still chasing his first wave world title, could this be his year? His brave/slightly crazy attitude towards sailing (especially jumping) always makes Ricardo a pleasure to watch.


[part title="Victor Fernandez - @victore42"]

Victor Fernandez - @victore42

Victor Fernandez has been runner up on the tour and this year again he is in search of the title. An amazing, effortless to watch all-rounder Fernandez is always there, on the tail of the champion. Like Ricardo, could this be the year it all comes together for Fernandez?