If you're under 18 and learning to windsurf, or already love the sport, you're going to want to make sure you've got the right kids gear too. Here's a quick outline of what size gear you should be looking for and when. More info on kids gear coming soon!

KIDS BOARD SIZE GUIDE (Ideally with central fin)

4-6 year olds – 100L

6-8 year olds – 100-120L

8-10 year olds – 100-130L

10-12 year olds – 110-130L

12-14 year olds 120-140L

14-17 year olds 120-150L

Harry's Sail

Harry's sail of choice

Ed's Sail

Pic Ed's Sail Choice


Here’s a simple guide to get you going - ideally you want a small sail to learn on and then have another sail 30-50% bigger for when you develop your skills and learn to sail faster.

4-6 year olds – 0.5-1.5m kids rig

6-8 year olds – 1.5-2.0m kids rig

8-10 year olds – 1.5-2.5m kids rig

10-12 year olds 2-3.5m kids rig

12-14 year olds 2.5-4.5m kids rig

14-17 year olds 3.5-5m Adult rig

How Do I Set My Kit Up?

Use these measurements to get fully tuned!

Mast Base: 130cm from the tail or as far back in the track as possible.

Boom Height: Shoulder to chin height, when standing on the board.

Fin: Make sure you use a tail fin no more than 30cm otherwise they will find the board too hard to turn.

Footstraps: Inboard and forward for first time straps, outboard and back once you’re learnt to plane fast!

Harness lines: Place the harness lines on the boom ‘just either side of the balance point’ (when you liftt he rig up out of the wind). They go roughly 1/3rd of the way down the boom. You want the length elbow to palm pads/start of fingers.