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Behind the Scenes with Spartan

Spartan is a homegrown company, making windsurfing suits specifically for windsurfers. Boards finds out more from Spartan about how they operate, as well as sharing some feedback from valued customers. 

Keeping warm in Spartan!

At Spartan we do things differently. All our research and testing is completed in the cold waters of the UK, not in some tropical paradise whose most miserable conditions are still warmer than an average British summer’s day.

Building on 50 years of history and development we have engineered this new range of suits to raise Spartan’s glowing reputation in wetsuit construction to even greater heights.
Using feedback from our sponsored riders and development team we have created wetsuits that give maximum warmth, flexibility and comfort by using only the best construction, materials and features.

All aspects of the new Spartan range of high performance wetsuits have been analysed, tested, checked and double-checked. The attention to detail has been obsessive.

Thanks to this fanatical approach we have managed to achieve:

  1. Flexibility and movement to compliment the specific sports.
  2. Maximum warmth/comfort in extreme weather conditions

The sign of a good wetsuit is one that allows you to regulate your temperature over a wide range of air and water temperatures. Hence our R and D team tests our suits extensively all year round at home and abroad in the extremes of hot and cold water.

Lets bust a few myths….

The myth that a wetsuit traps a layer of water is an excuse for a badly made suit. All flushing uses valuable energy from the wearer to warm the next water layer up it is not an advantage.

The biggest myth is that double lined neoprene is warm in windchill, the National Physical Laboratory has proven that surface temperatures, and hence chilling, are in force three and above is greatly reduced by single lined neoprene and should be a windsports enthusiasts first line of defence against the cold.


Phil Dobner

Phil Dobner

The Vortex 5/3 is shit compared to sailing in board shorts but if you do have to use a wetsuit this has to be the closest you’re going to get for a 5mm suit! 
I don’t know what Voodoo technology you’ve used on the shoulders and arms but it’s like sailing in a Long John (which I actually quite like, it reminds me of my oppy days) 
I seriously could not feel any restriction on the arms at all, 
have you woven in a thin layer of the all curing rhino horn powder or used plain old Voodoo on the shoulders? 
The 3mm arms and shoulders are such a good idea…

Cheers guys, it let me land my first back loop, whoop whoop,  at 42 as well,  I thought it would never happen..   ( Phil Dobner April 2012 Shoreham beach)

Aron USA

I use a convertible version of their 4mm suit, I think it is.  Frankly, since I got your suit, I don’t use it unless it’s really cold out (in the winter storms, with the arms on).  What I like most of all about your suit versus the Patagonia suit is that it’s built specifically for windsurfing (which the other is built for surfing), and it has the capacity to deflect wind & shed water, which I really like a lot.  The wool in the Patagonia suit makes it a bit too hot as well for me. I run a bit hotter than most people, and so I’m trying to stay a bit more cool, which is another reason I like the sleeves off.  

Those are my thoughts off the top of my head.



(August 2012 on the 4/3 convertible)

Martin Downing Aberdeen

see SUPer sunday!
Had some mental waves, but this seems to be the only evidence so far!
I was in your Xdry, toast warm throughout, watched many surfers give up with the cold, I came in at 6 in the dark! (Martin 2012 February)

John Pink and Richard Peacock commenting on the 3/3 Vortex

“Something I was massively amazed by is the steamer that you gave us. I always thought it was a 4 x 3, as I used it all winter and was pretty warm. It wasn’t until not that long ago I read on the sleeve 3 x 3 and was amazed that I had used it all winter when I usually had a 5,3 to do the same job!! ”

Dom Moore Extreme Kitesurfer and Surfer on the 3/3 Vortex

“Loving the Vortex suit, thank you. Since I got it, I’ve been in the sea probably 90% of days, surfing, bodysurfing, getting slammed into the sand, and now more recently that the wind is back, plenty of kitesurfing. It’s definitely a warm suit; I’m into my summer suit a lot earlier than my friends – the 3/3 combo seems very logical for the UK – there are still people here paddling around in gloves and boots though maybe they are a bit misguided! Feels very comfortable too and the neck seal is proving to be very reliable in all sorts of wipeouts. Wrist seals are good and the velcro on the ankles holding great so far, I’m really enjoying this suit for multi-discipline”.

Dom Moore (May 2011)

Corky Kirkman


Peter Hart

Peter Hart and the new XTR

Sorry this has been a bit late  – I got the new XTR winter suit, then the freeze came, then I went to Brazil – anyway  now I’m back and have been out in the weekend gales. The new XTR is quite simply the best winter suit I’ve ever used – in terms of flexibility it feels like a 3/2 and YET it’ toasty.
Great work too on the neck, arm and leg seals. Winter sailing has suddenly become appealing again!

Naomi Dines on her two new Spartan Winter suits

Just wanted to say how fantastic my new Ladies Cyclone 5/4/3 suit has been this winter. I’ve been out in 3 degrees with minus 5 extra windchill, and sea temps of 5 degrees, with only a shortsleeved polypro underneath, (plus hood and gloves) and been able to sail for a couple of hours at a stretch, which is pretty remarkable in a back zip suit, especially for someone just learning to sail in waves and spending plenty of time in the water! It’s also super stretchy and comfortable, especially the new neck, and really easy to get on and off. The lining seems to dry twice as fast as my other neoprene so the suit is dry overnight for the next session, which makes a real difference on the beach.

Adam Sims in the Spartan rigging jacket

Adam Sims K669 – about his first sail in a Spartan Wetsuit in  cold cold cold December 2010

Hi Guys,

Got out at last, yesterday. Used the Extreme Dry and it rocks! The legs are super warm, in fact the whole thing is, although i felt like i had a mini heater around my legs which was really nice. Once I was sailing I didn’t notice the zip across the shoulders which was cool. Not sure what to say, except it was awesome! Gloves were a little small I think, probably should have gone for the large but no fret.

Hood was super warm.

Really had an awesome session. 3 Hours on the water non stop!! That’s a first for me for this time of the year i think. Didn’t feel cold once, except when rigging (out of the suit).

Cheers for the suits and have a great Christmas,” (Adam Sims K72 Dec 2010)

For more Spartan news keep up to date with them on Boards here, or head to the Spartan website. 


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