Day One in Gran Canaria has seen some incredible conditions and a mixed bag for the British sailors.

Ben Proffitt. Credit PWA/JC

Ben Proffitt, Adam Lewis, Jamie Hancock all took early exits. Proffitt just didn’t seem like he could get the waves and crashed jumps that we all know he can make on any day, even in Pozo. Lewis has some incredible moves, as always going for broke, however he just missed out as Traversa seemed to have some better counting wave rides. John Skye went through against Hancock with a solid heat, both sailors looked good but Skye’s how knowledge put him ahead. Ross Williams took out last minute entry Peter Volwater, and seems like he has a lot more in the bag, being relatively comfortable in the crazy conditions. whilst Swift took out Sanchez and now faces Browne in the next round. Horrocks also looked on form as he faced Alonso and took the win in a close heat.

Robby Swift. Image credit PWA/JC.

On an more international perspective, the stand our sailors so far, according to Duncan Coombs, and many others on the beach have been Dany Bruch, Marcillio Browne and Victor Fernandez Lopez. Koester as always put up a great performance, but nothing compared to what he is capable on a good day. If Bruch and Fernandez keep delivering we could see a fierce battle to the top.

The end of the day brought the opening ceremony, with words from many of the key players in the event organisation, including of course the Moreno twins and Robby Swift.

Skippers meeting will be bright at early at 9am tomorrow morning, with first possible start at 9.30am and it looks likely the women’s fleet will be run first off in the ‘light’ winds. Remember this is Pozo light, so the ladies are still more than likely going to be heading out on 3.3s!

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Few shots from around the beach before the competition starts.

The competition kicks off today in Pozo, with registration in the morning then the skippers meeting early afternoon, it looks like the judges will have the men and women straight out on the water in what looks like an insane forecast.

Adam Lewis. Image credit Jose Pina.

There is a strong British contingent out here this year, Ben Proffitt has been showing us all the action in his Pozo training diaries - check them out here. Ben now steps in front of another camera, combining commentating on the Live stream with competing.

View the Live stream on Mpora Live here - Mpora Live at PWA Gran Canaria.

Gaastra and Tabou have a solid British team, with Jamie Hancock, Ross Williams and current BWA tour leader Phil Horrocks all sailing well in the demanding conditions. Robby Swift has already been in Gran Canaria for a while now and seems to have really settled into the conditions, after recovering from injury he seems to be back up with the best of them again.

Now living in Gran Canaria, John Skye is sure to feel at home in the ballistic conditions, as will Adam Lewis although he is used to the slightly tamer isle of Tenerife. Those have watched the latest Proffitt training diary will know that Adam has also recently switched board sponsor, he is now riding Patrik boards and has a whole host of new shapes and sizes he’s using out in Pozo.

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