Good morning from a cold and windy Tiree!

Many of the competitors are already on the island, however a lot more are due in on the midday ferry today. Registration starts at 10:00am, but no action will take place until 1:00pm or 2:00pm, after the rest of the competitors arrive.

2011 winner Ben Proffitt

Some sailors already on the island are heading straight out on the water, or heading to registration early and then aiming to get on the water straight after. Balephuil looks like it's the best beach for today too, where the wind will be cross-shore from the right giving some great starboard tack conditions. A few sailors: Andy King, Alfie Hart, James Cox, Phil Horrocks, Debbie Kennedy, Jamie Hancock, etc, went out yesterday, at Balephuil in some very, very light winds and on some fairly big equipment! King and Horrocks took their 5.6/5.7s with 92ish litre boards, whilst Cox was seen ripping on the 110litre Quatro quad. It looks like all sailors should be able to get out on some smaller gear today though!

Boards will continue with updates as often as possible, but without any internet working on the beaches this will be a tricky business. It is possible to get internet at various spots on the island so we will be able to provide a couple of updates each day, so stay tuned!

If you haven' yet, take a minute to read which explains more about all the spots in Tiree plus all the riders to watch out for in the competition.