Welcome to day one at BWA Ireland, scroll down for updates from all the action through the day...

18:00 - All fleets except for the pros have been released for the day. Next call for the pro fleet at 19:00, there's still potential to run some heats for this fleet at Hells Gate again, so stay tuned!

16: 15 - No more competition to date, the judges have checked a variety of spots, but nothing is quite working well enough. They are keen to hold out as long as possible if there is any potential of competition. Next announcement will be at 18:00. Most people are currently hanging at Spillanes, catching up on some much needed sleep, checking emails or checking out their latest surf boards. Fingers crossed for better news at 18.00.

15:13 - Competition still on hold here in Ireland, the wind is blowing at Dumps but the waves are way too small to contemplate competition. At around 4pm the tide will be low enough again at Hells Gate, so there is potential to take the competition back to there.

14:20 - Judges are now at Dumps assessing the conditions, it doesn't look great at the moment but potential for more competition to be held.

13:57 - More competition at Hells Gate is looking unlikely, with the conditions worsening. Potential for moving to dumps or shitties later in the day, but there are some storms and winds coming through, so we will have to see what this brings.


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13:38 - heat abandoned! proffitt had just landed a backloop in his heat with chambers, hart and Skye. Wind has dropped yet further, and is no longer suitable for competition.

13:26 - lewis scores a great backloop. Very light winds out to the back, but windier at the break. Both lewis and cox scoring some good waves. Lewis getting some nice backside turns on another decent section...

13:19 - heat two are up, lewis vs cox. With one to advance. Still two waves and one jump to count. Looking very tricky to continue with neither rider getting a wave so far.

13:10 - 2 waves 1 jump to count with Sam Neal vs Dave horrocks and Alfie hart vs john Skye. Looking very light, very few jumps to count. Hart and Skye advance. Heats are best of two, not man on man,

12:38 - Pro competition about to get underway at Hell's Gate, conditions are looking light with guys heading out on 5.3 and 5.7s with big boards. Wind is cross onshore port tack, with the waves coming through in waist to head high sets.

11:30 - After an incredible competition in Wales competitors have made their way across to the west coast of Ireland overnight, and are now getting ready for a busy day on the water.

Competitors are currently registering, which will finish at 12.00 with a first possible start of 13.00, so stay tuned for updates throughout the day. Today is looking food for competition, with Hells Mouth or Shitties looking like the beaches to head to. More info to come...