In the women's fleet in Tenerife is looking stacked with 23 entrants so far including some British riders and some who've graced our shores for BWA competitions over the last couple of years/

As the competition draws closer more of the women are heading to Tenerife to get ready for the contest, Boards will catch up with each of the ahead of the next stop on tour.[splitpost intro="true"]

Amanda Beenen

Justyna Sniady

Sarah Bibby

Lucy Robson

Olya Raskina, Sarah Bibby and Justyna Snady on the water. Image credit Dani Miquel.

[part title="AMANDA BEENEN"]

Amanda Beenen won the Rhoseigr leg of the BWA and then went on to place 4th at the PWA in Pozo, now on 'home' turf she's ready to compete yet again.

Amanda Beenen

"I feel quite calm ahead of the event, I don't know if that's a good or bad thing, but I feel pretty relaxed. I'm just more hungry to go sailing in good conditions, than anything else.

"I really hope the conditions are going to be like last year - logo high waves with 3.7, that would be perfect. And the forecast is looking promising; we always get wind here in August, so I just hope it comes through well for the competition.

"It's really great to have such a bit fleet of girls here this year, it should be an amazing competition. A couple of years ago we only had around 10 girls and now having over 20 is just going to make the event so much better. I'm sad Arrianne isn't going to make it now, get well soon Arrianne!

"It can be a pretty sketchy spot to sail here if you're not used to it, but after sailing here so much over the past few years I hope I've got it dialled in now. Bring it on!

[part title="JUSTYNA SNIADY"]

Justyna Sniady

Justyna Snaidy in Gran Canaria. Image credit PWA/JC.

"Super excited about the competition coming up, as I think it's one of the spots on tour that can't really run without waves, it'll be great to have some bigger waves in the heats and I think it'll be great to be able to showcase my skills more.

"It'll more than likely be 2 waves and 1 jump which suits me more, especially as it's like the spots we sail back in Western Australia.

"I have the Simmer 3.0-4.5 Icon and 4.7 plus are Black Tips. I like the 5 batten sails in stronger winds, they give me more stability and power which suits me. The 4 batten sails in lighter winds give a little more manoeuvrability and feel lighter in the hands. I have 69 and 75 Flywaves, for all the events too."

[part title="Sarah Bibby"]

Sarah Bibby

Sarah Bibby in Gran Canaria. Image credit John Carter/PWA.

"The last competition I did was 3 years ago in Pozo, the conditions obviously weren't what we hoped for this year. It was nice not to be completely stacked though!

"Tenerife looks to be more my style, if the wind comes through and I can sail that is! It's similar to conditions that I've been training in over the winter, but I haven't sailed here yet. Hopefully I will get to before the contest starts!

"Obviously an easier draw would be nicer, but I don't think it's worth worrying about it because I'll be happy as long as I sail my best, whether I go through or not.

"I enjoy sailing with all the girls, everyone is really friendly and we help push each other!"

[part title="Lucy Robson"]

Lucy Robson

Lucy Robson

"I'm really looking forward to the competition in Tenerife.

"It's been a really hard year for me with my health, but since I got back on the water, after all my treatments and with recuperation and physio, I have been training as much as possible on the north shore of Fuerteventura where I live.

"We have a couple of spots that are quite similar to El Medano in Tenerife, specifically, Puerto Lajas where we get cross-on port tack jumping and riding on the right-hand side of the reef. I have been focussing my efforts here and at Glass Beach where I do a lot of riding.

"I hope to do well in Tenerife."