Tiesda You

All questions now answered by Tiesda...

Name: Tiesda You

Country: France

Residence: Thailand

Company: Starboard

Role: Brand Manager / Designer

Current favourite equipment set up: Starboard UltraSonic 147 Carbon with Severne Turbo 8.6

Current favourite windsurfing spot: Sprecks, Maui

Last windsurfing session: During the photoshoot in April 2012 on Maui

Windsurfing hero: Jim Drake

Perfect day on the water: This would be at Taco Lake, the conditions would be a steady 22 knots and glassy, peeling waves and I would be with friends and family.

Three things you didn’t know about Tiesda:

1) Keen golfer

2) Shisha addict

3) Owns an electric bike