What a day! The final mission of the Red Bull Storm Chase came to the UK, and the UK delivered!

Thomas Traversa takes the win

Today brought another early start for the storm chasers, who reached the Bluff in the dark. The wind was blowing, but it was the lower limit for the storm chase conditions, so it was straight on with the competition.

Starting at 8.30am four more heats were completed today, sailors were on 4.2m sails in the lighter conditions but boosted some of the biggest stalled doubles, pushloop forwards and more that the judges and crowds had ever seen.

Again, all the riders were on fire, but it was Thomas Traversa with his incredible attack on every wave, combined with a smooth style that earned him the mission victory, ahead of Marcilio Browne.

That makes it three wins out of three for the Frenchman, proving he really is the best storm rider in the world. Browne, Jamaer and Bruch all pushed him all the way, producing some truly incredible windsurfing.

Congratulations to all the riders, especially Thomas. Stay tuned to our sister site www.boardseekermag.com as they will have a very special podcast coming online very soon...

Final results:

1st Thomas Traversa

2nd Marcilio Browne

3rd Leon Jamaer

4th Dany Bruch

[part title="Competition here at the Bluff is over for the day."]

Competition here at the Bluff is over for the day.

Today, Cornwall produced everything from hail storms to 50 knot winds and some of the best jumping ever seen windsurfing. Whilst the winds weren't quite as strong as yesterday the angle meant that jumping was a whole lot easier, so the riders could really push their jumping scores.

Four heats were completed, two for each set of riders giving them all the opportunity to rack up some solid scores and mix up the results. The judges are currently deliberating, checking through all the scores to decide the final winner...

[part title="At the Bluff"]

We're at the Bluff again today, as the action kicks off on day two of the Storm Chase. The conditions are looking windy again, with the waves a decent size, even if they're not quite matching yesterday's, just yet.

Skippers meeting is due to take place in 5 minutes, and the competition will get underway shortly after. It's still the 5 best waves and 5 best jumps to count across the contest. It's all to play for as we go into the final part of the mission...

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