As we are now coming up to Christmas there are a lot of fantastic deals and present ideas, to suit any level of windsurfer, around.

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So, Boards have gathered together some of the best offers out there and put them into one, handy weekly installment. Here's the first package of presents, keep your eyes peeled for more coming soon!

1. Want a new board, but at a good price? Boardwise are selling the 2012 Starboard Carve for just £999 this month only! The Starboard Carve has, for years, been set as one of the most user friendly freeride boards on the market, it could be just what you're looking for...

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2. If sails are more your thing, Boardwise also have an unbelievable offer on the 2013 NorthSails Volt. You can snag this new sail from just £399.20 - that's a crazy £100 off the list price!

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3. Let's face it though, whilst a new board or sail from a loved one at Christmas would be incredible, we're more likely to convince them to give a little smaller present.

For example, ION have produced one of the best rigging jackets around. You cansnap it up, or send the details over to you nearest and dearest, for just £129.95 from Robin Hood Watersports here.

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4. Another great present idea is the brand new VIRB camera from Garmin, it comes in at £349.99, but we think it's well worth it. One of the best action cameras on the market, and who doesn't love a new gadget?

5. We'll bring the price down a little for our final top buy of this week, with a highly inventive idea from Colin and Marco of WindsurfCoaching.

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