We post some weird and wonderful things in our time but we've got to say this stretches our limits a little. However, the wind doesn't always blow and usual activites in this scenario involve; stand up paddling, light wind freestyle, fine tuning techniques, sightseeing, staying at home in bed, relaxing, watching TV, etc... etc... Well for this inventor, they've gone s tep further and produced an origami windsurfer. Want to know how? Read on to perfect your mini-rigging technique. Who knows maybe our sister site will commence the mini-origami windsurf rigging challenge... Over to the experts.


Origami is the traditional art of paper folding. It was born in the 17th century, in Japan. Today, you can do anything in Origami. All you need is will, patience and a square sheet of paper.

Craig Folds Five, an Origami craftsman, has been making art with dollar bills. His amazing technique gives money a new meaning. This cracking windsurfer is part of his latest collection.

Let's learn how to make a simple Origami Windsurfer. Of course, you'll have to promise to test it adequate sailing conditions. Ready for the challenge?

1. Get a 15x15cm square white sheet of paper. Alternatively, try it with a newspaper.

2. Fold the paper in half diagonally. You'll get a big triangle.

3. Open it up, take the outer top edges and fold them into the center.

4. Take the bottom part and fold it in half, meeting point to point with the previous step.

5. On the larger side, take the edge and make it even with the center, without matching down. You'll see a triangle below.

6. Do the same thing on the other side, and try to get a good crease.

7. Fold the first layer to where the little triangles are.

8. Create a 90 degree angle. Set sail and compete against your friends.

Check out the video on the next page.